PRO-10 Key Officers Complete the 3-Day Cascading Workshop

Technical Working Group (TWG) from the PNP National Headquarters (NHQ) in Camp Crame, Quezon City concluded the 3-day seminar-workshop on Cascading the Enhanced Scorecard of the Chief, PNP to PRO-10 and its provincial and city police offices, and police stations of municipalities and component cities.

The opening ceremony started at about 8:30 AM, February 8, 2012, with PCSUPT JUFEL C ADRIATICO, PRO-10 Regional Director, and PCSUPT ARNULFO R PEREZ, Acting Director of the NHQ Directorate for Plans and Head of the TWG, delivering their respective messages before the participants consisting of members of PRO-10 command group and directorial staff, provincial and city police directors and their deputies, staff officers and selective chiefs of police.  

During the workshop, participants were divided into two (2) groups for the preparation of their operational scorecards and dashboards. PCSUPT CATALINO B RODRIGUEZ JR, Deputy Regional Director for Administration, led the first group in reviewing the Learning and Growth aspect of the scorecard, while PSSUPT LYNDEL A DESQUITADO, Deputy Regional Director for Operation, led the second group in reviewing the Process Excellence aspect.

PCSUPT ADRIATICO and members of TWG re-examined and critiqued each measure and target of the groups’ outputs to ensure that the final consolidated output is aligned with the approved scorecard of the PNP National Headquarters.

According to one of the members of the TWG, PRO-10 is the fifth police regional office to have concluded this seminar-workshop. The PNP leadership, through the Center for Police Strategy Management (CPSM), is aiming to complete this task of educating all key police officers of the remaining subordinate PNP units and offices by March this year. This cascading workshop is geared towards attaining the stages of the PNP Integrated Transformation Program – Performance Governance System (ITP-PGS), or otherwise known as the PNP PATROL PLAN 2030. The term PATROL refers to Peace and order Agenda for Transformation and upholding the Rule Of Law.

Hon. Rufus Rodriguez of the 2nd Congressional District of Cagayan de Oro City, Hon. Constancia P. De Guzman, NAPOLCOM Commissioner, Mr. Manuel E. Valdehuesa Jr., Founder and National Convenor of Gising Barangay, and PDIR VICTORINO S PANGANIBAN JR, Director of the Directorate for Integrated Police Operations for Eastern Mindanao, were among the guests and visitors who witnessed and joined the lighting of candles. Likewise, the participants made their pledge of commitment, as testimony of their wholehearted support and cooperation for the attainment of PNP PATROL PLAN 2030.  

Congressman Rodriguez and Commissioner De Guzman are members of the PNP National Advisory Group for Police Transformation and Development (NAGPTD).